Life All-In Project


On September 22nd 2020 Fameccanica presented the LIFE All-in project on a digital event organized and coordinated by the EC. For the LIFE All-in project Fameccanica, that will be playing the role of coordinator, will be in partnership with PNO Consultants for all the dissemination and communication activities and FATER S.p.A. as a strategic help who will support the project progresses and industrialization phases.

LIFE ALL-IN aims to launch an innovative eco-friendly integrated process that, for the first time, combines, on the same machine, the AHPs production process with processes for the on-line manufacturing of raw materials usually manufactured offline as well as raw materials transformation processes. The technology led to the design of a one-of-a-kind production line that combines the non-woven conversion and post-processing phases together with the final diaper assembly, allowing significant materials saving and CO2 emissions decrease as well as notable costs reduction.

To learn more, please, go to the “About” website section and have a look at all the project details.

Stay tuned for further updates!